DOEN waar je HART ligt!

  • For employment support
  • For social support


This moment might be the moment to make different choices, to explore and maybe completely change your direction!

  • Do you want to do something else with your life?
  • Are you jobless and re-orientating on the labour market?
  • Do you want to discuss other opportunities with your boss because you are not happy with your current job?
  • Do you no longer see a future as an entrepreneur and look for something else to do?
  • Do you need to make a difficult decision in study choices?

If these are the kind of questions that you ask yourself..

.. then Participassie can definitely help you in exploring your options, by analysing thoroughly what you want to do most and what fits best to your unique set of qualities and talents.

" Participassie is your partner in the journey of doing what you are passionate about!"


  • Participassie is specialized in this matter and has the core business to help people in achieving their (professional) goals.
  • Participassie has developed a special tool for analysing the connection on a personal level between passion, personal capabilities and the chances on the labour market. That provides a better insight in order to make better considerations on the important choices in (professional) life.
  • With an international certified jobcoach, Participassie is authorised to offer tailor made employment support. Most important services: assessments, job matching, job coaching.

For whom?

Participassie offers coaching and guidance to mostly women who experience challenges when entering the Dutch labour market or participating in Dutch society. Please read more about our services below for any further information.


If you are interested in our offer or if you have any further questions, please contact us!
You can use our contact form below or call us for a personal meeting. 

Mission and Vision


We focus on the talents, strengts, qualities and possibilities of the participant.


It is our mission to guide people in the proces of doing what they are passionate about.


We make fruitful connections for our customers where we will always pursue ultimate win win situations.

About our services

In our services, we mainly focus on specific groups of women, such as expat women, migrant women and victims of domestic violence.

Because of their special position, they encounter different obstacles in finding a job that fits their capabilities, preferences and (professional) goals. Without professional support, their talents often remain unused.

Tailored support

Participassie provides tailor-made employment and social support in order to realize potential and gain access to the right resources. In addition, by being a contact person for employers who would like to offer opportunities, such as a paid job or possibilities for gaining working experience.


Participassie fulfills a bridging role through a varied range of services, from individual counseling, job placement and job coaching to integrated reintegration counseling. Various empowerment programs are possible.


The purpose of Participassie is to achieve financial and economic independence for our clients. That is why every counceling process is explicitly aimed at pursuing a paid job. 

Above all

Participassie is all about DOING what you are PASSIONATE about! Therefore, our main purpose is to help our clients in the process of achieving that goal.


About us 

Director and founder, allround coach
Rionne van de Laar

Employment professional and social professional in one

  • Internationally certified job coach (NOLOC Register Jobcoach)
    Method: Supported Employment (Elan Training)
  • Cum laude bachelor degree in Social Work
    Thesis: 'Wel een wil, nu nog een weg', about improving labour participation for women (Fontys Hogeschool)


Participassie works closely together with other professionals in the field of participation and re-integration

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